Some bands die, others are born…

…and fotunately the later applies to SoulShard.  Soulshard is a brand new vh1 material band, with high potential due to dedication. Managed to get in touch with one of the band members and he was too modest and didn’t want to tell us anything yet. All I know is that they have more planned, a lot more, and I cannot wait to see what they come up with next. If all songs are as good as this, I will buy their album (maybe even 2).  I was looking on YouTube and found this song, which you can find here, and I’m telling you, I instantly got addicted to it.  I would like to open a discussion about this, to hear more thoughts and who thinks they are going to get somewhere,  or are they only  born to die young.

If you do like them, make the best of this link and share it with whom ever you think is worth hearing them. If you don’t… well that’s that.                                                           🙄


3 răspunsuri to “Some bands die, others are born…”

  1. wow astia chiar suna bine, sunt curios daca si live suna la fel. stii pe unde canta?

  2. hey. do you know where do these guys play live? are they all instrumental? I’d like to see a gig

  3. Merge si rockul asta .Dar mai mult imi place rockul gothic, melodiile pe care le-am ascultat in decembrie la concert.Avand in vedere ca prin muzica oamenii isi exprima anumite stari din viata , apreciez si acest stil.

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