World’s cleverest man turns down $1million prize

Yes that’s right, Dr Grigory Perelman,  a 44 years old Russian from St Petersburg solved the Poincare Conjecture, one of seven major mathematical puzzles, and REFUSED the $1m that the Clay Institute is offering for this.

The topological conundrum, states that any three-dimensional space without holes in it is equivalent to a stretched sphere. This can help determine some of the greatest questions about our universe.

It’s incredible to see how such a person, who lives a life bellow mediocrity, will turn down fame and fortune. He must be a very „rich” man indeed. Why? Because when the officials knocked at his door, he stated that:

I have all I want.

I personally applaud his personal integrity for standing up for what he believes in, and not looking to gain material value over it.

Well done Dr.  Grigory  Perelman!


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