Michael Jackson is Dead!

Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson

Pop star Michael Jackson was pronounced dead today after paramedics found him in a coma at his Bel-Air mansion according to city and law inforcements.

Sources tell that the paramedics responded to a 911 call from the home of the super star, but when they got there, he was not breathing. Despite CPR, they could not save him so they had to pronounce him dead, on the 25th of June 2009.

No evidence of criminal wrongdoing was found, so Michael was pronounced dead due to heart failure, because whenthe paramedics found him, he was on full cardiac arrest.

Michael Jackson had been planning to start a series of comeback concerts in London and had been rehearsing in the Los Angeles area for the past two months. Promoters of the shows said in March that he had passed a lengthy physical examination.

Jackson rented the Bel-Air home described as a French chateau built in 2002 with seven bedrooms, 13 bathrooms, 12 fireplaces and a theater for $100,000 a month. The home is about a six-minute drive from UCLA Medical Center.

Michael Jackson was born August 29, 1958 in Gary, Indiana, USA. He died at 50.

“No joke. King of Pop is no more. Wow,” Michael Harris, 36, of New York City, read from a text message a friend sent to his telephone. “It’s like when Kennedy was assassinated. I will always remember being in Times Square when Michael Jackson died.”

R.I.P. Michael!


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